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I think it would be good to have a way to make a report for fulfillment speed. There is a chart under insights but where does the data come from? If I am wanting a breakdown of the data where can I get it?


While there is not anything out of the box, I regularly get these numbers from the "Shipped Orders" report.

From there you can import the file into your favorite spreadsheets program.

Dates in a spreadsheet program are all numbers starting from some arbitrary date like January 1, 1970 (the Unix epoch) with each day being one complete integer. If you do not believe me, type in a date into your favorite spreadsheet program then format it to plain text-- it should convert to an integer value.

This means that if you subtract the "Ship Date" from the "Order Date" you will be left with the number of days between, or the Processing Time.

Order Date - Ship Date = Processing Time

If you need the specific number of hours I think you will need to use the API.

Hey there @mark50


Thanks so much for providing this process you've used.


We appreciate you sharing your workflow with the community!