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I love the Shipment Count By User report.  It gives me a great idea of a person's average daily output.  But because of the way we split up our workload, it is very hard to figure out what a good average expectation across the board would be.  To be able to figure this out, it would be helpful to know "number of boxes p/ user" (we send a lot of multi-box shipments) and "weight by user". 

The way we split things up, one person may get out 60 orders that weigh under 24 lbs in a day, whereas another person may send out 17 orders that are over 100 lbs.  Both are putting in a full days work, but it looks like one did significantly more. 

If there was a "box p/ user" or a "weight p/user", I could get a better picture of average expectations for the department.

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I second this. Ideally I'd like to see items per user. One order could be 100 items, another could be 1, seeing the item count would provide better performance metrics.