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ShipStation needs to have a functionality to track the incidences of shipping mistakes per user. If a customer calls back and says they are missing something, or something was wrong with their shipment, I would like to be able to record these notes on the shipment and tie it to the user that verified the shipment.

I think adding a column to the shipments grid with the title "Shipping Errors" with a text field that allows for shipping managers to record issues would be feasible.

If Shipment 1000110 was missing one T-shirt and was verified by John, a manager should be able to record these notes on that shipment to use as a performance indicator. 

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New Contributor

This would be useful. We currently track by looking at the shipment activity within the order. We have multiple shipping stations with different names that allows us to decipher who shipped the order. 

In the past, we have also had employees put their initials on the packing slip. When the customer reports a fulfillment error, we would request they provide the initials on the packing slip.