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We need to be able to print and EOD scan form for our UPS drivers to print when they pick up our packages each day. This will provide proof that UPS picked them up so if the package is lost, stolen or damaged, we can file a claim. It will also allow our customers to get notice that their item has left our location much quicker. We have asked for this feature for many years without any updates. Please give us a good reason why it can't be done. It works for USPS why not UPS? Thank you!

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This absolutely must be dealt with. I cannot believe Shipstation is leaving all of its customers at risk if UPS loses/misplaces a package between the our facility and theirs. We have taken to filming all of the packages, label-side up, inside the back of the UPS truck for proof. The drivers agree with our situation and are allowing us to do this - for now - but it is not a solution. Shipstation - what's up???!!! You accept our fees - raise them when needed - but you do not have our backs!