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We are using shipstation in a "fulfillment" capacity where we collect orders from multiple sources and are routing outbound orders for fulfillment to our traditional WMS system.  We then provide back shipment details once the shipment is completed.  

We would like to suggest that support be added for managing inventory levels through the API.  A simple use case would be provisioning an endpoint to accept POST/PATCH/PUT requests to update the "On Hand" inventory for a product and warehouse combination.  

We are also a customer of "Ordoro".  This platform has inventory management features available.  An example of updating inventory in their API documentation can be found here > Ordoro API Documentation

There are also wider use cases for managing inventory change between Ship Station and popular e-commerce channels like "Shopify" or "Amazon" that could also benefit from the use of inventory synchronization settings and changes in available inventory.  Please let us know if this is something that could be added to the ShipStation roadmap in the future.  

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I agree this is an important feature in the API which is lacking. We connect 20 eStores to ship via ShipStation and it's important to know the inventory counts as part of the use experience. We have no way to feedback the inventory counts once a product is out of stock.

I contacted support and they said there is no ETA on when it will be released. From the threads on here, it's been "Planned" for 5 years now.

When will this be released? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dmerrick @paul-in-wpg  stay tuned! We are putting a lot of work into our inventory offering this year and API is on our roadmap. No details to give yet but we will have a couple of inventory updates this year. More to come soon!

(I think any solution we imagine up would include POST/PATCH/PUT for on-hand counts)