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Status: In Progress

I was told by help chat to post this here...


In the new layout, you can not split an order and give it a unique order number. This is a major problem for our company and here is why.



We sell an order with items A, B, and C.

A and C we ship from our location

B gets dropshipped


A&C order would have original order # xxxxxxx

B would have order # xxxxxxx-1


When we ship xxxxxxx that order closes out and when we receive tracking from our drop shipper order 

xxxxxxx-1 closes out.


With the new system, not being able to change the order number when split means both orders = xxxxxxx

And if we get tracking from the drop shipper first, then both orders will become marked shipped.


We need a way to create a unique order number when splitting orders. This is a MUST for our company and I agree with a lot of people on this forum that the current version is just fine.


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ShipStation must fix this issue.  We always have to go back to the old layout v2 to be able to properly split an order. The new layout only allows the order number to be the same for all split line items. That's horrible. We go back to the old version which properly allows you to add -1, -2, -3, etc to split line items. In v3 ShipStation at least needs to allow users to change the split order number to be different if they want to, like v2.  There are several other discussion threads on this same issue, and I've entered this same issue on the forums and in feedback over and over.  No response from ShipStation at all on this.  


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Adding my voice to this. 


I am losing orders within orders with this problem.

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Their lack of response to this is pretty frustrating. I suggest everyone keep creating a new case on this issue over and over until they reply to the issue.  They keep trying to make this about new functionality, but it's a flat out Bug that they need to fix.  You can't have duplicate order numbers. This is a bug that needs to be fixed.  

Status changed to: In Progress
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Any eta on when this will be fixed? Connex for Quickbooks is wanting me to pay $500 per hour to six this issue that this caused with their software.