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Occasional Contributor
Status: In Progress


Is there any way to disable the pop ups in the Awaiting Shipment page?
The pop ups can stack in multiple numbers and when closed will selct the shipment under the 'x' and delete prior selections.
I use Shipstation on desktop only.

See image for reference.

Thank you in advance for your help!


I went round and round with chat support last week about this, the worst part is that the pop up "tiles" won't often go away unless you click the X on them, and then it moves you to the order that you just clicked the X on!!

Occasional Contributor


Sounds like you're experiencing precisely the same issue as I am having. Chat support suggested I start a discussion as the issue is 'hard coded' into the software. The software coders/developers apparently monitor the forums for issues/ideas to rectify/implement. Hope they can resolves this as I almost launched my laptop twice yesterday! Apart from this irritating issue, Shipstation functions pretty well.

Status changed to: In Progress

There is a way to hide the customer profile pop ups if desired. This can be done in the 'orders' tab of the Display Options of your Account Settings.


Here is a quick screenshot!


I hope this helps in the meantime while we continue to work on the display options 🙂