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Occasional Contributor

I am feeling lost with the new layout and the split order feature.  It used to be I could split an order and it displayed, essentially, as a new order on my order page so I could readily see what needed to be shipped.  This made filling backorders a breeze.


Now, the split order gets hidden within the page of the original order making it much harder to find. (Though I will say having the ability to split the order right on the page of the original order is handy.  I wish I could split the order on the page AND have it display like it used to.)


I am also not finding the search feature nearly as accessible as it used to be.  


The way this was done is awful. I also hate the RESTORE isn’t just in the main window. It took me 10 minutes to find it just now for an order that was cancelled. AND I know I have found it before. But it is so hidden that even when you find it, you don’t remember next time.