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After the Sip: Let's Talk Returns


Hello amazing Community members, 


Since there is no Sip & Ship event scheduled for March, we wanted to surprise you by launching our On-Demand Ship & Sip Video Series. Check it out below and tell us what you think!




Thanks for doing this. Returns are a real headache in the aftermarket auto accessory sector. most accessories are expensive and they don't ship well - at least after the first trip. Customers are also really really bad about buying the wrong application and gaming the system in the marketplaces to get free returns and no restock fees by saying that we sent the wrong product or the description was incorrect.


You wouldn't believe how many people write in saying they got the wrong thing and already threw out the packaging, too! So, now the marketplaces will still allow the returns and we get stuck with a return that we may have paid $100-200 just to ship and it doesn't even have packaging.


We have done some sales through Amazon Renewed, however, that became a bit of a headache, as well.


While we can operate our own .com returns however we see fit and fair, the marketplaces are so tilted in the customers' favor that it really can make you think twice about being there in the first place.


One thing that has always worked for me over the last 20+ years of selling online is what I call "buying our way out of returns." What we sell cannot be just left with the customer through sugar returns. The values are just too high. However, there are plenty of customers willing to take some money back in order to keep something that may have gotten dinged in-transit. They get money back and we don't have to pay for returns, get stuck with damaged product, or deal with damage claims. 

Just a guy with an awesome beard who loves coffee, Bourbon, and music. I also sell a ton of truck and Jeep accessories.