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Barcodes and Scanners Omitting Hyphens and Special Characters?

New Contributor

Hi All, 

We recently switched to using barcode scanners for a number of tasks, one of which is looking up orders and printing labels on ShipStation. A problem I'm running into is when we scan the barcode generated by ShipStation on  packing slips (I've tried every possible format), the special characters, specifically hyphens, are omitted. This leads to the order number being inputted without the hyphens, and they need to be added manually to perform a successful search. It slows things down quite a bit, especially considering all Amazon order numbers contain 2 hyphens.

My question is, does this happen to you? Or do the hyphens carry over as intended?

I'm trying to find the root of the problem. Is it our barcode scanners? Our computers? Or the barcode generated by ShipStation? I appreciate any input y'all have.