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Can We Get Delivery Late Shipments Alerts?

Occasional Contributor

Hi Guys, 

i want to let you know How important this features is, 

i want to have the ability to Track All the Shipments that after X amount of time still not showing Delivered. 


i Have customers All over the USA and it is not possible to do it manually 

The other day it hits me when i have customer Complaint about 69 days after i shipped the Goods, 

He sent me a message " Hi i did not received my shipment"

At this point i understand i have an issue,

because i can file a Claim with the USPS about it between 15-60 days only since it was shipped, 

So i want to be a head of my customers complains  and contact them, and to make sure to file a claim on Time


This Data is already  in Ship-station,  Can We make an alert for this?

What do you Think?




New Contributor

I would love to have an alert or even a daily report that emails me a list or link to a list of all the shipments that are arriving late so i can proactively contact my customers.  


With all the delays with USPS during the pandemic, trying to stay on top of claims and customer service is a full time job.  Any automation at all would be a huge relief. 




Honestly, I can't fathom how this is not already a built in feature. In our company's case, we are penalized by Amazon when a customer files an A-Z complaint for a late delivery so we like to be proactive about late deliveries as well (and not just for Amazon customers). The only thing I can think of is that Shipstation is deliberately not offering this feature because it would allow for customers of the carriers to file refund claims more easily. So the carriers probably won't work with Shipstation if they offered that feature. What a total PITA it is for us to have to check undelivered shipments each day and then see where they are going and if they are late and how late. We have to pay a staff member to do this manually. Can someone from Shipstation please reply to this thread and let us know why this feature isn't implemented? The implementation from a software standpoint is trivial, so the lack of this feature must be deliberate.

Occasional Contributor

We needed this feature so bad that I built one called ShipAware. It pulls your ShipStation orders in then sends you alerts based on your lateness settings.