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Can We Get Delivery Late Shipments Alerts?


Hi Guys, 

i want to let you know How important this features is, 

i want to have the ability to Track All the Shipments that after X amount of time still not showing Delivered. 


i Have customers All over the USA and it is not possible to do it manually 

The other day it hits me when i have customer Complaint about 69 days after i shipped the Goods, 

He sent me a message " Hi i did not received my shipment"

At this point i understand i have an issue,

because i can file a Claim with the USPS about it between 15-60 days only since it was shipped, 

So i want to be a head of my customers complains  and contact them, and to make sure to file a claim on Time


This Data is already  in Ship-station,  Can We make an alert for this?

What do you Think?




New Contributor

I would love to have an alert or even a daily report that emails me a list or link to a list of all the shipments that are arriving late so i can proactively contact my customers.  


With all the delays with USPS during the pandemic, trying to stay on top of claims and customer service is a full time job.  Any automation at all would be a huge relief.