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Eliminate the need for GroovePacker with Scan to Verify and Bundled items.


I hope ShipStation will consider allowing the individual barcodes of a bundled item to be scanned in place of a single bundled barcode. For ShipStation customers who currently rely on the scan to verify function, they may also have a difficult time utilizing the new bundle feature. We currently use GroovePacker for pack and could not make use of ShipStation's scan to verify function because there was no support for bundled SKUs. However, we still cannot use it because we don’t use bundled item barcodes.

In our procedure for bundled items, we would never use a barcode for the individual bundle. It would mean one of 2 bad scenarios.

1. We would need to pre-kit bundles which is awful for many reasons.
2. We would need to somehow kit and print barcodes on demand during pick so pack can easily scan the complete bundle.

If we could scan to verify the items within a bundle, I believe GroovePacker will become unnecessary for ShipStation users.