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Hack to change Ship Date

Occasional Contributor

Currently my ecommerce site lists a future ship date for some orders (imported from Amazon), and so the ship date in Shipstation is incorrect.  I'm trying to find a hack to automatically change the ship date to "Today" - there is no attribute in Automation Rules for Ship Date.  Maybe this attribute can be added?  Or does someone have an idea of how to automatically change the date - what happens is I forget to change the ship date from the one listed to "Today" and then my end of day count is wrong.





Likewise would love a feature to change the shipment date.  Sometimes I find its automatically created a shipment for today, when I want it tomorrow for example.  The only way currently is to void the labels and start over.


With Royalmail click and drop the shipment date is irrelevant until the end of day is manifested, I hope this is something Shipstation can implement however for now I know of no hack 😞