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Inventory Mgmt of Packaging Materials?

New Contributor

Hi, we have several types of branded small sleeves, boxes and packaging that go along with each product we ship. One order has 7-8 supporting packaging elements to it.  Can Shipstation's Inventory Management or any other functionality help us count down inventory of each type of packaging we use as we send out products?   
We've been looking at stand-alone inventory management software like, but would love to have a simpler solution.  Any options or ideas?





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ShipStation does not currently have a feature to track inventory of your shipping supplies. All the inventory solutions I know of that integrate with ShipStation are focused on tracking your product inventory. I'm not aware of one with the additional feature that will tracking things like packaging. 


If any other users do know of one, it would be a great resource to share. Please leave a reply in this thread if you do!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx


Bumping this as we experience the same problem as OP!


Has there been any update to this? Or plans for it? Thank you

Hey there @yuticoop


I dont have any new updates at this time, but I will certainly keep my ear out! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Same. We need this. We need the ability to link a packaging type (or other items) to a product.  For example, the way I'd imagine it would work is the packaging is it's own product that has inventory. Then, you link that package type to every product that is sold that would be shipped in that packaging. So, when you get an order for a product in that packaging type, the inventory will be removed for both the product and the packaging type. The feature shouldn't stop here. If we were shipping sunglasses, we'd send each pair of sunglasses with a case and a cloth. Because we need to track the inventory of cases and cloths separately, we could treat a case and cloth like packaging where it could be linked to all of the products that it is included with. "Bundled Products".

New Contributor

Any update on this? We would really like this feature.