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New Layout has Fundamental Flaws


I need to continue with the Legacy layout because of fundamental flaws in the new layout. Chat support recommended I post them here.


Here are 2 of my biggest gripes:

1--The field is too small for the weight. The fraction of pounds cuts off when using a scale that auto-populates the weight-- and is not as wide as it is in Legacy. In some situations I need to see the full weight.


2--The pop-up notifications that appear when processing an order>>>pop up RIGHT where you can x out of an order and move on to the next. When doing many, many orders I need to slam through them. I need to x out of one order, and start selecting the new order to ship. When the pop-up window message notification comes up in the new version and covers the "x" where I need to x out, I have to wait there for a moment for the bubble to clear out before I can move on. When I am slamming through orders, its supppper annoying to wait for the bubble to clear, even if it is only there for 3-5 seconds. Its like waiting for a traffic light when you are late getting to the airport. Legacy does not have these issues, and it makes the new layout unusable for us. Now I cant stop shipstation from having annoying "UPGRADE TO OUR NEW VERSION" bubbles appear on my screen every second. Ok, those are my gripes.




On 9/23/21 I saw the option to try the new layout for the first time.  When I did it caused two major issues that we are still trying to sort out.  The first was it did not automatically load new funds into our USPS account when we needed them instead, I had to go to the settings and manually add funds every time. Pain in the butt.


The second and MUCH worse was that it changed the default shipping account from our company FedEx account to one of our wholesale customers accounts that is listed in our account list.  Since we don't make it a point to check the shipping account on every order we get we did not notice this until our customer called us and asked us why we were charging shipments to their FedEx account.  I contacted ShipStation and made them aware of this problem, as I did with the aforementioned USPS problem, and they took no ownership of either issue and refused to admit that this was the result of our changing to the new layout.  As soon as we switched back to the old layout, our correct default shipping account was restored. 


No accountability, no reason given for their crappy new layout causing these problems...  We reimbursed our customer over $1100 for shipping charges that were charged inadvertently to their account.


Thanks ShipStation.  Time to find a new shipping solution.