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Notification or webhook or automation on Order put in Hold or specific Order Tag

New Contributor

Hi - my 3PL and I enjoy using Shipstation.  My 3PL sometimes has to put an order on hold.  I'd like to get an email or a webhook event when this happens.  That is, I'm not in ShipStation daily, but when this event happens there is usually an action I need to take and I'd like to be notified.

Similarly, there are certain tags we have created, a couple of them require action by me.  So again, when a tag is added to an order, I'd like to get notified or a webhook.  

I'd even settle for something where "At this time each day" if there is an order on hold, do this action (notify me).  Or similarly with tags.  My goal is to get my attention when it is needed to resolve an issues through automation.