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Odd Problem - Screen Size Has Shrunk - Need Magnifying Glass To See!

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I'm hoping that someone has experienced this before and that it's a simple setting we aren't seeing.

My wife clicked on CTRL C to copy something this morning and suddenly, the screen shrank.  To the point, we need a magnifying glass to see it.  I figured she must have clicked on the wrong key combo.  I've tried all sorts of combinations to get the screen to return to normal size without success. I also thought it was a browser issue, but all other sites are just fine.  The only issue is on the Shipstation site.  We logged out and rebooted the computer, but no dice.  It's still incredibly small - can't use it.  Switched to a different browser, so we aren't out of business, but we'd like to get back to the browser she's been using for 2 years now - Microsoft Edge.  

Thanks for any light anyone can throw on this.



Hey there @warrenbarnes37


The only additional step I can think of directly for this issue would be to also clear your cache and cookies for the browser to attempt a refresh. Although, you may have certainly considered this action already. 


If you are still seeing this behavior, please reach out to our support team at your convenience.  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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ctrl + makes text bigger you can try that  ctrl - to make text small