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Orders "Awaiting Shipment" not always displayed

New Contributor

When I click on the customers name in the order grid (I first type the order number in the "Search Orders" box to bring up the order, I then click on the customers name in the "Recipient" field) and it is supposed to show the number of orders "Awaiting Shipment" and other data - it shows the following data with total orders for each.


Awaiting Shipment
Total Orders
However this can be inaccurate and not include all orders that are "Awaiting Shipment".
If there are orders that have been partially shipped it will not show the remaining order(s) as "Awaiting Shipment".
In the attached image, (I have searched for the customer by name as as to be able to demonstrate the issue) you can see the "customer popover" shows only 1 order "Awaiting Shipment" and 7 as "Shipped".
Yet as you can see in the order grid there are 3 orders "Awaiting Shipment". The order it is "referring" to as "Awaiting Shipment" is # 806421 (So not the order that I searched for initially and I have used to click the customers name).
The reason orders #803804 and 805792 are not registering as "Awaiting Shipment" is because in both cases they have been partially shipped and the system can't cope with this.
Note, I can't search by customer name initially that is unworkable.
I am really needing this be rectified while at the same time looking for a work around.