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Quoting tool is incomplete and inaccurate - needs at least insurance options

New Contributor


It's unfortunate that the "Rate Browser" tool doesn't have the same options as when processing an order. Therefore, since the quoting options are very limited, the quotes are not accurate. UPS charges for insurance for shipments over $100 at $100 increments(about a $1 per every $100). The Rate Browser doesnt have have an options for insurance, so if an order is worth $101 and the obtained quote is for $100, the quote is useless/inaccurate, because once the order is processed, there's an option for insurance, which increases the rate. 

Again, a rate calculator can NOT be accurate/complete, if it has less paid options than the order processing tool.



New Contributor

I have been getting the loading screen with the spinning sun for several weeks, when manually typing an order after obtaining a quote with the calculator icon, once all the details have been entered and the "purchase label" is clicked.




Hey there @MilenS


Thank you for providing this feedback! 


If you have recently cleared your cache and cookies and are still seeing a long processing time, please reach out to our support team via chat or email so that we can dive into this behavior with you.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!