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add a metafiled, or a note, or a flag, or a field to have origin location correctly reported in shop


I have 4 warehouses, and using shipstation to allocate orders i CAN'T to see ANYWHERE the information about origin location. 
Also in shopify dashboard is wrong. There is no way to add a field, or a custom note on that order. 

So i don't know how to keep track on my erp about original warehouse of shipment. 

Shopify use only his default location sort by preference.. and always apply inside order detail that info to write down a FAKE sentence, and a WRONG information about origin location. 

I am so sorry about my tone, but.. after several weeks of work, i am totally stucked by this simple information. 

I can't find. origin location, inside a software of SHIPMENT this is so crazy that seems a joke. 


Anyone find some workaround? a service? a solution about something similar? Thank you so much for suggestions. Any help is appreciated ( and compensated if solve)





If I understood you correctly , you have 1 Shopify store, but your inventory and shipment come from 4 warehouses (4 lcoations) and they all have 1 ship from location, but you want each shipment to show which warehouse it was shipped out from? 


Is your product synced in Ship station?