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customized Pack lists for Cdn retailers

New Contributor

Hi all


We are new to ShipStation and have run into a road block weeks before going live with NetSuite

We are a small Cdn company and do not have an IT Dept  - the customized pack lists are in html and we are not at all familiar with it. We can do a whole manual process and then have to match pack lists from one platform  to the shipping label from S/S. Example of retailers-,, Home,, Bed,, etc

Ideally this  would all be in S/S. 


Does anyone have any advice - who do we ask, does anyone have these templates so we are not re-inventing the wheel?

I am stumped as to next steps.


Thanks in advance for any help.






Hello there @brendak


Thanks so much for the post! We are elated to have you with us participating in the community. 


I definitely see what you mean about wanting to have specific packing slips for each of the different stores. To my knowledge, there is not a "bank" of previously created packing slips. Each packing slip template would be account exclusive by its nature. 


While ShipStation doesn't provide direct services for packing slip template creation, I am happy to provide any pointers I can for this process! With having so many stores that you are wanting to create packing slips for, it would be my potential solution to focus attention to the field replacements as much as possible. The idea there, being that the body of the template would be the same and just have the important store information (Store names, logos, return policies, etc) filled in according to the store settings. This is an article for creating custom packing slips that also includes a full list of those different field replacement options.


I hope this helps! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Did you have any luck on this?  We are in the process of doing this for, HBC, and others.  Maybe we can share ideas and resources.


Feel free to reach out to me ashwin at