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How to create a packing slip template that prints in a landscape orientation. 


ShipStation’s packing slip templates print in portrait mode. There is no setting to change the orientation to landscape, but if you can edit your packing slip template HTML (available for Silver plan and higher), you can enter custom HTML and CSS into ShipStation’s editor that will change the orientation to landscape.


Copy the template code from this public pastebin:


In ShipStation, go to Settings > Templates > Packing Slips and click +New Packing Slip Template. This will open the packing slip editor, which has four sections. 


The code from the above link is separated by comments (surrounded by <!-- --> ) to indicate which part of the code should be pasted into which part of ShipStation’s packing slip editor. NOTE: this template adds nothing to the Order Footer section. But, there must be something in each of the four template sections of ShipStation’s editor. So, in this case, just enter a period (or some other small character) in the Order Footer section before you save.


Once you’ve pasted the code into each section, you can then edit any content you wish to customize further. For example, adding your own store hours, or updating the return policy to conform to your own company standards. 


Here is what the landscape template looks like with ShipStation’s sample data: 



In the code, any text that is in ALL CAPS is text you may want to customize. Also, any text inside square brackets [like this] is called a Field Replacement. Field Replacements pull specific store branding and order information to print onto the packing slip. 


This slip includes the following field replacements in the Order Header section: 


  • Store Company Name
  • Store Phone
  • Order #
  • Custom Field #3
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Address
  • Custom Field #1
  • Shipping Service
  • Order Date


Happy customizing!


What about a 4x6 packing slip how do we adjust this to make it work on a 4x6 
Thank you for your explanation in your article above.

Occasional Contributor

@GBTRD  This site offers a 4x6 landscape packing slip for shipstation but it has some limitations.  Overall, landscape packing slips are not the best because if you need to consume two or more pages, they won't print well.

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