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BigCommerce Update in March 2023 Equals BigProblems!

New Contributor

Two out of three of our BigCommerce selling channels (one selling channel for each website we manage) received some kind of store connection update. The end result was that two new selling channels popped up without any of our automations, packing slips, etc. configured. I got all of that fixed but there is one big problem remaining. All of our sales history and other data for those selling channels are now stuck in the old channel and I can't migrate that data forward. Downloading reports will take two downloads if I want to go back beyond March 2023. You can imagine all the merge errors and other data management headaches this will cause.

Possible solutions:

-Create the ability to merge selling channels. (Store B is taking the place of Store A.)

-Create the ability to multi-select stores in the reports pages where possible, ideally on every report type.