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End of Day Report Printing Many Times for Different Return Address


We are a drop shipping service that ship from 1 central location but change the return label address to our clients name and address on each order. 

We do this by setting up a "ship from location" for each client in shipstation with the Pick Up address being our central location with different Return Address.  We then use the automation rules to apply a specific ship from location based on the order details.

The problem we are having is that when we print the end of day manifest for USPS shipstation is generating a manifest for each of our "ship from locations" even though the Pick Up locations are the same for all the orders.  

Some days this is creating 100+ separate manifests for packages we are shipping from our central location when we really need there to only be 1 manifest with all the shipments.

We previously used ShippingEasy and changed the return address on shipments and it would only produce 1 consolidated manifest.

Is there a workaround for this or could our manifest be created based on the Pick Up address instead of the "ship from location" in Shipstation.  OR is there a way to automate the process of changing just the return label addresses instead of setting up a different ship from location for each?

The post office is giving us a lot of push back and threatening they will stop scanning our end of day manifests if we can't create a consolidated version.



I have a similar post related. We have asked for the ability to just update the company name for blind shipping purposes. For now we just have a * in place for the Company Name on our labels.