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Insurance communication issue to sendle


Does anyone else have the issue where if they opt to add extra insurance to their package within Shipstation, it doesn't communicate it to sendle? I send products that are valued higher than sendles standard $200 coverage, sendle allow you to add additional insurance however when I enter in the value I want to be insured in shipstation, it doesn't communicate that information to sendle which in turn means my parcels are not covered for their full value. I also am not able purchase the label through shipstation, then head to my sendle portal and edit the shipment to add the insurance. The only way I can add insurance to the parcel is to create the order in sendles portal which defeats the purpose of using shipstation. 


I also have this issue with shipstation not communicating to sendle that I do NOT give them authority to leave the parcel. This information also doesn't communicate to sendle meaning parcels are being left at front doors without signatures etc.