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Transportation management

It would be great if ShipStation could scrape the carriers I have set up, to select the best shipping rate to use for an order. It would save a lot of fulfillment time if the best option was served up instead of having to search for it.

TheSource by New Contributor
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Block AMZ Logistics as a carrier for some orders

Dear ShipStation Team, We sell on multiple platforms, and lots of them forbid to use Amazon Logistics. Since the main part of our inventory are at the AMZ WH we have to fulfil order by AMZ. But, we can’t accept AMZ Logistics as a carrier. So, please ...

yborzilo by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! UPS Saturday Ground Delivery

Hey, We would like to ship something ground on Thursday or Friday using UPS ground to destinations that are within the UPS shipping radius that should get the packages to arrive by Saturday. However, when we check "Saturday delivery" we are not able ...

mackerman by Occasional Contributor
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Nullable object must have a value

Hello there. I have been using Shipstation to connect my Shopify orders with my FBA multi-channel fulfillment. Everything was fine up until the day before yesterday when I tried to send some orders. In the app I a getting a error message when I click...

UPS Surepost

Hello, I am trying to setup UPS Sure Post in my store settings for delivery options and live rate. However it is not showing rate for UPS Sure Post, just my UPS ground, next day air, 2nd air etc. It also shows USPS rates. Why is not showing UPS Sure ...

UPS from Shipstation Rate Chart

I've noticed that the UPS rates provided by Shipstation are lower than the usual daily rates published by UPS. Having a published chart showing the rates for each weight/zone would be useful information for anyone using shipstations that offers "free...

rlewis by New Contributor
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Fedex and the package value

Hello It is my understanding that Shipstation decided not to pass the shipment value information to Fedex. Therefore when you ship via Fedex using Shipstation and the shipment is lost and the value was over $100, Fedex liability would be limited to $...

sales22 by New Contributor
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GLS Multi-Package Shipments

Hello, We would appreciate ShipStation adding a Multi-Package option (plus sign next to package) for GLS parcels. Not having this option is very limiting compared to FedEx and UPS. Thanks,APX.

APX by First-timer
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UPS label for Amazon Orders

When we purchased a UPS label for an Amazon order whose account do we use? Shipstation or Amazon? We do not want to use an Amazon account since we cannot open damage or lost orders claims. If it is shipstation account, can we open claims ourselves? C...

Nellie34 by New Contributor
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UPS Canada billing and label issues

We have been complaining to ShipStation since Early fall 2020 about how all of a sudden our UPS labels are converting to cm and kg.We submit the details in lbs and kg, UPS bills is in lbs and inches. The issue gets worse because the back and forth fr...

Matthew by Occasional Contributor
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Errors with Loomis Express Courier

I have found 2 bugs with the Loomis Express Integration. The first is that I cannot void a label that has been created. I get the following error The second is the rate calculator does not work. I have attached a picture of that as well.

shipstation loomis void label error.png shipstation loomis rate calculator error.png

Shipstation Fatal Error with Endicia/DHL

Shipstation is not sending shipment data to the Endicia/DHL. So, DHL is holding my pacakages due to non-data from Shipstation. All packages are not moving. Terrible issues. Not fixed at this time.

ohtock by First-timer
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No tracking number shipping with PayPal

PayPal shipping changed over to Ship Station. There is no tracking number on First Class packages. My in-home business takes pride in giving our customers a tracking number when the label is printed. This is good business practice. Am I missing somet...

Customized Custom Forms

I am running into problems with our custom forms. We need more description and declarations on them. We are able to modify them on our UPS carrier account, but the modifications don't transfer over to Shipstation. This leaves important information of...

orders52 by First-timer
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Third Party account dropdown (Shipping Options)

Hi,We are using the integrated UPS account created by Shipstation to ship our orders. Some customers want to have us use their own UPS accounts to ship some orders. I do not see the "dropdown" menu under "Other Shipping Options" to select another acc...

norbertsf by New Contributor
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Pick List and Labels

Small and medium-sized businesses usually ship their products with a barcode-free system.This is faster and more practical.But sometimes there may be stock fluctuations.In order to prevent this, it would be great to be able to see the number of stock...

Loomis Express Integration

When will the Integration with Loomis Express work? When I try to connect my account I get the error code "Authorization for this request was denied by the module. (3b87624a-861a-466b-9ff6-148a6239e7c7)"