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Tracking numbers are now 51 cents. We need to be a competitor to "eBay Standard Envelope"

New Contributor

Hi Shipstation people!


eBay is now providing sellers of trading cards, like myself, tracked envelope postage for only 51 cents. 


This is a massive opportunity which I am being left behind on because my entire shipping operation runs off shipstation which gets USPS postage through


Can Shipstation's corporate team put pressure on to get with the times and offer a competitive negotiation with USPS to provide us with this new tracked 51 cent shipping?


If eBay can negotiate with USPS Im sure shipstation can have a word with on providing an alternative to eBay's new monopoly. As this historic postage change develops I hope we can quickly stick with the trend 🙂





Man, I sure wish SS cared.

I agree fully.

New Contributor

Etsy has the ability to ship with tracking for $0.53 as well, we really need this here for the venues that require shipping for items that are small/light enough to go in an envelope.


Well, it's been 2 months now, Shipstation......anyone there care enuf about us, to at least give us a reply?

Howdy there! 


Thanks for posting in the community and showing this interest! 


I don't have any direct information about this currently but I am checking in with any potential adjustment along these lines! 


Once I have any updates, I will respond here accordingly! Thank you for your continued patience 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hey SS,

Is there any news on that?


2 years later, is there any update on this? Letter-track offers tracking for a premium through their platform, I don't know why Shipstation isn't capitalizing on this. Etsy and Ebay both offer this service for free. With the increase in fees, Shipstation really needs to give us small and light item sellers a reason to stay here.


Any updates?  It's been about a year and a half since eBay released these.  I'm not currently in the business of selling single cards online, but I've been in the business of cards/collectibles for decades and could easily add some of that stuff to my online stores but not if I can't compete with sellers who can ship a card for $0.51 with tracking.

Occasional Contributor

I guess ill just have to  log on ebay for my labels.. yet I pay a rate that's outrageous here