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VAT Tax Codes Won't Import from eBay


eBay is now allowing customers to prepay their VAT tax. The way they communicate this is by adding a special code to line 3 of the customer's address and a note that says "Paid: Code xxxxx" The trouble is, Ship Station won't import that info so our customers are being double taxed. Ship Station has confirmed several times to me that there are no plans to have this critical info pulled in and they're just ignored the issue and wont' even acknowledge it. They just continue to ignore me and close any cases I open. Even in chat they won't touch the issue so something is going on behind the scenes. It seems like it would be SO SIMPLE to pull in the line 3 address data. 


I can't be the only one with this problem. As of now, our only option is to manually scan every order on eBay and manually edit them (hopefully) before the order gets shipped. Does anyone have a better workaround for this problem? We may leave for a competitor due to the fact that it's a major issue and we've just been completely ignored.