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[BUG] Unable to deactivate or delete 50% or more products at a time

Occasional Contributor

Noticed a bug. If you have for example 100 products in the products section and you want to delete them all. You can only deactivate / delete 49 of them. 50 does nothing. 


Once deactivated / deleted, you then need to do 24 out of the remaining 50. and so on. 


Quite annoying. 


Hey there @JoeC


Thank you for posting in the community!


Just wanted to ask some questions about this behavior you are seeing. How long have you been seeing this behavior? Is this happening EVERY time you go to deactivate or delete a group of products? Does this still occur no matter how many you are wanting to deactivate/delete at a time? 


I am absolutely sharing this feedback with my team, these details will be very helpful. Thanks in advance! 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!