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Mark Shipped Carrier options/Automation

New Contributor

I have orders that are shipped via Courier with my linked carrier account but I also have other orders that I simply add a postage stamp and deliver via standard post.


When I want to bulk mark the stamped orders as 'Shipped' it is mandatory to add a carrier to each order.

I have just been setting this carrier as 'other' as the only options available here are the courier services.


So I don't have to always manually add this 'other' carrier option every time, I would like to add an automation that sets these particular orders to have the carrier set to 'other' on import.


Though in automations when I select to add an action of 'Set Carrier/Service/Package' I am not presented the option to choose 'other' but instead only the options given to me through my linked courier account.


I would like to be able to add a carrier option of 'other' through automations please.