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Amazon Buy-Shipping Issues When Splitting Shipment

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When using "Amazon Buy-Shipping" - we sometimes run into issues when we have to split the order into multiple shipments. For instance, if we have to split an order of six items into three shipments, we can usually use "Buy-Shipping" for two orders, but then the third order won't allow for "Buy-Shipping." When we check the order in Amazon, usually the shipment quantities don't match to what we split in Shipstation (i.e. they show all units already shipped), or in a case today, Amazon used the same tracking number for two shipments. So, it showed that all the products had been shipped when we had to still purchase another label for the final shipment. 

Other times, we are able to split-ship and use "Buy-Shipping" just fine. We can't figure out what causes it to seemingly bug out at times. 

Has anyone had an experience like this? 



I was told this was an Amazon problem:

[link to help article] 


What we've been doing is:
If you have different items/SKUs but still want to do part of your shipment in Shipstation (for reporting purposes), work last shipment to first. Then buy the first shipment directly through Amazon (SS will error out) and in SS, Mark as Shipped. Defeats the purpose of using Shipstation for "convenience", but this clearly isn't a priority for them.

If it's the same item, you're just shipping separately: split shipping will work fine, just make sure you're working last to first.

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Thanks so much for this reply!