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Occasional Contributor
Status: Planned
Please bring back the Hotkey & Barcode Scan Actions in v3. I am attempting to set up scan to verify & print (which v3 is required for) and I'd like to print out scannable barcodes so my staff does not have to use the keyboard while they ship.
Status changed to: Planned

This is a basic feature that needs to work. I also would like to use the scan to verify and print feature, but the lack of advanced hotkey support in the new layout makes it a non-starter. Why is there a hotkey menu in the new layout which lists all the broken hotkeys when they don't work? AND support is clueless every time I ask and walks me through the same basic troubleshooting steps that end with no resolution. Very frustrating.

Hey there @d-a-v-i-s


Thank you for providing this feedback!


I checked in with my team and found that this is something that is being worked on! We know those quick-use hotkeys and scanning features are important and are working to bring that full functionality into the new layout as soon as we can 🙂 


Occasional Contributor


Why was this removed?? It's frustrating when we pick a platform like shipstation, convert, and then features disappear.