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So I've been chugging along for years now thinking I'd been doing everything right because no carrier adjustments were showing up in my account history and I'd never been alerted to any adjustments.  WRONG.  I found out the hard way the other day that you need to log into, go to reports, then balances (left side) then transactions and scroll through hundreds or thousands of transactions to see adjustments.  There's also no way to filter for them.

I got hit with over $800 worth of carrier adjustments last year.  If I'd have known about this sooner, I could have taken proactive action to avoid most of them.

There's absolutely no good reason why this information should not be coming up in the account history in ShipStation.  I found out from a friend who uses Shipping Easy (also owned by that they appear in her reports.  This is basic information that every shipper needs to access.

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I discovered it this year as well. They are all owned by the same company, there is no reason this information should not be viewable on shipstation.

This is very important information because Global Posts (also owned by the same company as stamps) automated weight system seem to make many "errors", their scales just happen to weigh your packages above 9oz where the price increase takes place.


FYI - if you contact shipper support, after several attempts they will eventually send you a spreadsheet detailing just the carrier adjustments.  I kid you not - it took me 3 attempts (one of which involved them sending me someone else's spreadsheet) but I eventually got it.

Also, if you use UPS and have a local account rep and your own UPS account, you can contact them and ask about setting up a "ghost" account which offers the same or close to the same rates as ShipStation/ except with your own bill where everything is broken out for you like your regular UPS account.  This way if you have any problems you can contact your local rep instead of jumping though hoops with SS /

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I've been getting a few emails the last few days about USPS carrier adjustments, but they have all been for $0.00 What's with that?


Yay, so I have been having carrier adj from UPS that I also did not discover until March of this year and lost about $300.00 because my time to make a "claim" had passed 90 days.  First how does a comsumer know that these adjustments have happened, two how do you know that you only have 90 days to make a claim.  Then to add to the insult.  99% of the adjustments are incorrect!!!  I make items that are shipped in large boxes, but only way about 5 - 7lbs.  However, UPS uses a DIMS calculation and says that a box that is 24 x 18x 4" should weigh 14lbs.  The then randomly charge me the shipping cost difference plus a adjustment fee.  I have been working with Shipstation about the issue.  I have supplies ample proof including photos.  Have spend hours prividing proof and sort through the mess.  UPS comes back with a stock answer, we calabrate our machines daily and this is what your package weighed!!! and refues to return MY hard earned money.  I have no choice but to consider passing the unfair adjustment cost to my potetial customers and then also probably costing me business.  This is not only unfair, but descriminates against small business like mine.  I can promise you Amazon does not have this issue.  I have no problem paying for what I have agreed to pay for.  I plan to take this all the way up the food chain.  Please link to me if you are having this same issue.

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Edit:  DO NOT ever use UniShippers for UPS instead of ShipStation.  If you are a day late in paying them, your bill may double as they require you to pay the list price for all shipments.

Even ShipStation has gone downhill lately with my monthly fee increasing from $49 to $89 in less than a year.  What is with the world today?  Why is greed and secrecy so prevalent?

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Would not touch UniShippers with a 10-foot pole -- most obnoxious  company I have ever seen.  and forget UPS, they did'nt want my business and FedEx took it over.