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Can a productivity metric measurement that would show management how many individual packages an employee has processed over a specified length of time, such as day, week, month, custom range, etc. be created? Right now, the most granular available report to track employee productivity is to track by order count. Order count is deceiving since an order could be for one package or 20 packages. An employee can have a low order count, but could have processed quite a few packages if they did a high number of multi-package orders. The idea is to be able to have a day over day productivity percentage for packaging for each employee that is a clear apples to apples comparison.


There is already a tag on each order under the "order activity" drop down menu in a shipped order that notates which employee packed it and there is already a way to see the total number of packages shipped per day broken down by carrier.  However, the combination of the two does not exist yet. 


Does anyone else feel this could be a useful tool? Thanks for any responses or feedback!


looking for exactly the same thing. does not appear the any kind of report exists for this. I did note that you can find package count in the individual order manifest, but there is no convenient report that ties it all together. 

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We need this same thing as we often charge a service fee per box. When there are multiple boxes, we need to go through each individual shipment. It's a major pain.