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In the customers tab, there is no way to export customers. We should be able to export customers based on TAGS. Or in the Insights > Customer Export, there should be a column for tags which we can then filter. Or to make things easy for you to implement, make it so we can copy/paste the columns in the Customer tab. Because right now if we copy/paste, it places all the information into 1 column when pasting it back into Excel (vs keeping the columns). I also agree with being able to tag customers from the order page (vs having to find them). And now in V3 we can no longer see customer order frequency by hovering over the Name which is big loss.
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We'd love this too. We get wholesale orders via email, and input them into Shipstation. We're able to tag the customer as wholesale, but there's no way for us to export the customers by tag - so if we want to get in touch with all our wholesale customers, even though Shipstation has that list, the only way we can get it is by copy and pasting from the customers page.