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1. It would be great to be able to Rename the field names on export to whatever the import template would need on other systems .


2. I would be helpful to be able to use a field more than once on a export, for example order_number as a order number field and a reference number field.


3. I would love to be able to send a link to the image of a shipping label generated by shipstation to my warehouse in this export.


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Hello! And thanks for posting your ideas. 


Good news for #1 - this is something you can do in ShipStation already. When you make your custom format to export order or shipment data, once you've added the fields you want in your report, you can edit the name so the exported fields match whatever field names you require. 


To do this, go to open your Export Orders (or Shipments) screen and click the Create New Format button (or, if you want to edit an existing format, select the option to edit an existing format). Add the fields to your format and then click the pencil icon to edit the names. 



For now, you cannot add the same field to a report more than once. But I'll keep this idea open for others to vote and comment on. 


Lastly, while the ShipStation app and the ShipStation openAPI don't offer the ability to link to a label PDF, you might be able to use an automation tool like Zapier to send the label data field from the Create Label response thru a PDF encoder and to your warehouse. Alternately, you might look at ShipEngine, which is REST API developed by Auctane. The response from the Create Label call in ShipEngine does return the label PDF (and other formats) via a URL. If you are at all interested in developing a custom solution, ShipEngine might be the way to go.