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Shipstation has added an Order Alerts feature that is great for identifying orders that are shipping to the same address so that they an be combined. Unfortunately, when integrated with Shopify, if one portion of a combined multi-order is cancelled, all orders that have been combined are cancelled. 

I now have some customers that are waiting on orders that have not shipped, and I am unable to determine which orders may have been erroneously cancelled in this manner. I have discovered that there is not any way to search for orders that have been combined, either on the Orders page in the Shipped section, nor on the Shipments page.

In addition to reviewing past combined orders for cancellations, I also need to be able to find this information in order to run cost/benefit analysis to see if we are actually saving money by using this feature.

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It is possible to view combined orders in the Shipped section of the Orders page, but only if you know ahead of time what that order is and search for it. There is no way to tell that an order has been combined from the Shipments page, and even the export of the order line-item information only shows the single order number that the other orders were added on to.