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I work for a small building business. We do fulfillment and prep work for clients to send to customers and to Amazon. All of my clients like knowing there inventory so I've had to manually track it myself, which has been a bit of a hassle at times. I started setting up inventory for my fulfillment products on Shipstation to try and lighten the load of tracking it myself. It has worked great for some of my clients stores, but I have a couple clients with bundles and kits with their own SKU that have multiple single SKU's in them. This makes the inventory tracking complicated because there is no way to set up bundles in a way that still subtracts from the single SKU's inventory. I think this would be a very helpful add on to the software. For me personally and I'm sure for more businesses who deal with inventory tracking and monthly inventory reports. 

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Agreed. I signed up without realizing this functionality wasn't possible. Seems like an absolute necessity to have the ability to ship bundles and kits without having to adjust inventory manually.