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I would like a report that shows all labels that have been printed but have no movement against them.  Given that you can only void labels within 28 days of being printed, it would be very helpful to have visibility to all labels that are printed and not shipped by date so I can void labels before they fall outside of that 28 day window.  

The situation happens because people either preprint labels or print labels and then something changes in the order and they forget to void them out (or leave them scattered through the warehouse).  

The report should show print date, tracking number, order number, and aging and be filtered to only labels that are printed and have not been scanned by the carrier.

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I do not think this report exists out of the box,

but if you navigate to the "Shipments" tab and add the "Tracking #" column you will see something similar to this:

Tracking Statuses

There are currently only 3 statuses:

The "Question Mark" means the shipment has not yet been received
The "Airplane" means the shipment is in transit

The "Checkmark" means that the shipment is delivered

Unfortunately, I did not notice any way to export these statuses, but hopefully some one will correct me if I am wrong! On the bright side the sorting of tracking numbers sorts them by delivery status (but it is far from perfect), so if you limit the date and sort the tracking you should be able to find inactive labels.

I have found some orders (especially international ones) may not update properly, but at least you will get most of those questionable orders you are looking for.

I hope this helps!