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I would like to suggest when large orders are split into several different shipments, that each label have "1 of 6" or 2 of 9" or something to let the carriers know there is more than 1 bundle/package in the shipment so that fewer packages get lost in transit/during delivery.

We lose a lot of product without that information on the label.

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I second this.   I'm converting from V-technology Starship.  That software has the feature to print box 1 of 4 for example.  Not only on the shipping label, but on the packing list as well.  I'm very suprised that shipstation does not have the cabability.  i asked for support on this, but they were unable to help.  Many of our shipments go out in multiple box shipments.

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The previous split shipment flow would at least append a "-#" to the end of the order number to help match up packing slips and labels.  Now that's gone.

For example, in the previous flow, if I had order #1000 and I split it, I would have two orders:
#1000 and #1000-1

That made it easy to match up what goes in each package with the correct label.  Now that's missing. I messaged support and they told me to suggest the idea here.  I'm not sure why they removed that functionality.

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I'd recommend to SS Devs that this be its own field / column, to allow both display on the label & use in exporting, filtering, and reporting.  A Split # field would allow you to specifically identify orders which have been split from other orders, which has practical implications for freight analysis, picking/packing analysis, and auditing for duplicate orders.

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That's a good idea, @robr.  It would help us reconcile adjustments as well.

Although I assume we'd have fewer adjustments on split shipments if shipstation hadn't taken away the ability to easily match a split # packing split with the correct split # shipping label.


Hello @info86!


Thank you so much for your post. Your insights are crucial to our progress, so keep them coming. 


We will log this as a feature request!


Happy Shipping!