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In raw-shipped orders, the data reported only shows for those with labels created, using integrated carriers.  For some businesses, shipments are also hand-delivered/picked up.  This data is then not present.  In raw-orders, the information produced for an order is not carrier dependent, so the hand-delivered orders are there, but the data for a multi-sku order will repeat the total order #/taxes across each sku, providing misrepresented information. For a business reporting, a financial report is needed that shows - orders (revenue), taxes paid, carrier costs (hand delivered would be 'other'), sortable by country/state(province), date.    Thus, revenue vs expenses would be shown.  This must be a concern for all shipstation users if there is data missing in a report, so a modification to the method for producing the raw-shipped would be extremely useful.  It would provide increased confidence that the reports produced by shipstation would be useable by accountants. 

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