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Status: Under Review
Now that we can add inventory we need a new report to show Products sold - Sale Total - Cost - Profit Totals
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At this time you guys do not have anything that will help low inventory numbers for each product (or at least by product group). Please add something that will allow us to put a different number for each item.
First-timer (legacy)
Hey @HooRag Shipping HooRag! To help with your low inventory counts, you can set a reorder threshold for each of your SKUs or for all of the products (if any product is < 20 units, alert me). Here's how you can set either of these scenarios up:
First-timer (legacy)
Having a feature to add cost to the sku would be very helpful for analyzing profitability down to the order level.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes. I agree. We need to have a report that you can easily do the months end. It would have the sku or parent sku, price, cost, qty. Should also be able to do custom date.
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I think also that inventory report should be given by store not all the products together. Ex: If I have store A, B and C and I just want the report for store A I can be able to select the store or category and it should be able to show me only products related to that store. Make sense for you guys?
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Also need to be able to print a report by location for cycle counts!
Status changed to: Under Review
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Yes, I agree 100%.  If ShipStation had a product field for cost it would be relatively easy to produce a P&L for a given period.  Everything else seems to be there as the inventory database is built by orders received.  There is just no place to enter cost.  The sales report would then need to take cost into account and that should do it.  Please ShipStation make this happen. Thanks.