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Hi, I just started to use ShipStation and am surprised to see if we close out an order in Shopify it does not sync as being closed in ShipStation. 


A pretty basic feature I would have thought would have been implemented, instead, I was informed (from Chat) we would have to manually close these orders.


If you ship between Shopify and ShipStation this remedy is way too time-consuming. 


Pretty lame 




Have you tried hitting the circle refresh button in the top right corner and then Reload next to Awaiting Shipment? That works for us if we cancel or fulfill an order in Shopify. You just have to refresh.

New Contributor

@JBGI had the same issue. Last week I contacted Ship Station support and they were able to change a setting in their back end to now sync in fulfilment status from Shopify. It doesn't pull in tracking numbers, but at least shows the order as being fulfilled when we fulfill in Shopify.