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Hi- we need more user activity in reporting for Shipstation and also the reports that are supported in Shipstation API.  For users- the only information we can get is either a Shipment report in Shipstation (and the API) which has userids attached to the shipment(which are our users).  There is also a general User report we can get- which is all the UserIDs and names attached to all the users on our account.  However, if I want to look at other user activity besides just shippers (like our shipment verifiers), there is no way to get a general report that we can see all user activity. Not sure why this hasn't ever been made available (if it is an issue of privacy concerns- it could be a report that is only available for API purposes or a report generated in Shipstation for certain managers identified), but this is a very needed report that can help generate useful insights by looking at the activities and user logs generated for each user and their interaction with Shipstation

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It would be great to be able to track how long it's taking users to pick order via Scan to Verify. To help determine deficiencies in workforce and then be able to take that info and offer coaching etc. to the employee. For instance, at the moment they scan the order number to the moment they verify the last item.