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So we recently all of a sudden got loads of address verification errors for lots of our orders. Our supplier also had some major issues and our stock was delayed so we were getting a backlog of orders that we couldn't ship until the stock came in, during this period it became clear how many orders get verification errors, which I have been informed by shipstation support is most likely due to a combination of our checkout software but also royal mail's verification rules. So in order to give our support team the list of orders with errors so they can contact the customer to get the right details and then update them in shopify I needed to be able to run a report. But it's not an option. So I had to manually click on each order then i added it to a batch to separate them (for viewing purposes) then export them to csv, but it was very time-consuming. So the ability to either (or both options ideally) be able to run a report or filter by address errors would be very useful.