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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Would love to see a report for sales tax paid by shipped to state.
Occasional Contributor
This would be extremely helpful for us as well. Our larger customers ask us for aggregated shipping time reports often.
Occasional Contributor
Being able to distinguish between repeat customers and new customers would be huge. We also would love to see year to date order count or even custom order count range. We often are adding value to our packages and need a way to know the breakdown of our customers within our existing shipping methods. Going back to selling channels isn't logistical for our fulfillment team to figure out if the customer is new vs. repeat.
First-timer (legacy)
ShipStation does not show the individual tracking numbers for multi-package shipments. It will be very helpfull to have a report that includes the master tracking number and the child tracking numbers with the details of each tracking.
New Contributor
Improve the Export Shipments feature by: 1. Use standard Save dialog to allow user to set filename and location of exported CSV. 2. Allow user to set default export format. (If we took the trouble to set up a custom export format,obviously, we'll want to use that, not "Export my current view," without having to check the radio button every time
First-timer (legacy)
Would love to see shipments that are manually entered into ShipStation be included on Shipped Item reporting. The inventory is properly decremented when a shipment made through an LTL carrier, but these shipments are not included on reporting, thus not being able to reconcile daily shipments with daily inventory reporting.
First-timer (legacy)
HI there.. looking for a report that will show where we ship by region as we are growing and need new warehouse. this would be very helpful in picking where would be best!
First-timer (legacy)
We are in need of a Shipment Activity Report where we can check the activity of any order. Example: Order # 26214, 26059 It shoes shipped but no tracking info or anything. There is a lot of shipment activity however where it was mark shipped and then back to awaiting shipment.
First-timer (legacy)
Would like to have a report of unscanned tracking numbers.
It would be so helpful to be able to run product sales reports on a year basis. Even 2 or 3 years to see trends of top selling products on various sites. You have the information. So have the return value go very large.
First-timer (legacy)
Under forecasting, the only option is to run reports on products shipped but as a larger operation, we would like to be able to run a report that would show us how many of each package for customer and carrier packages we shipped during a period of time; ie Day, Week, Month, Quarter Year. Our warehouse operations orders in a lot of carrier and custom boxes and it would be great to be able to see past shipment history on the packaging we used so we can forecast future demand.