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we have 3 shipping carrier connected in shipstation. after we click the rate calculator, it shows the 3 separately and I have to click on each to check which to see the shipping rate the cheapest. Is there any way that all the 3 can show at the same time / in one shot? Thanks


I would like to all the rates to display in a drop down instead of being separated by carrier?

currently this option it'a available with other shipping tool implemented from one our customers.




@SB555 ShipStation doesn't have a great work around for this. Unfortunately you do have to manually select each one to check the rate.

However, you can use Shipping Plus ( which is an app for ShipStation that automatically select the cheapest carrier for your orders in ShipStation. You won't be able to see the rates listed out on a rate card, but it will automatically check the services and package types to optimize for cost.

Here is a loom video on how it works:

Let me know if that helps!