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Occasional Contributor
Status: Investigating

So since V3, one of the MANY issues I have found is that when you combine two orders, the shipping they paid just shows one of the orders shipping costs. It also shows the order total as only one of the orders, not both orders combined. So if you need to refund access shipping you can't see how much they paid and have to go to your site and check the orders that way. Anyone else have this issue or have a fix? So tired of paying to beta test with no fixes for any of these issues and radio silence from ship station support. 


Mention an alternative shipping service and they'll chime in real quick.    🙄

New Contributor

I have been contacting support every time I have an order with this problem and they can manually fix it on their end to do what I need. After 5 support tickets in the last week they offered to revert me back to V2 and now I don't have any more problems! If you take up enough of their support time you can probably get back on V2 as well. @jenjabug 

Status changed to: Investigating
Occasional Contributor

This is one of the most annoying things in the new version. We credit back shipping to customers that overpaid and having to go through them to make sure it wasn't a combined order is horrible.