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Status: Resolved

why are there no options for( other or any different reasons ) in the default content type for international shipments? like other software eCommerce companies and ups to enter the purpose manually, I have a lot of international shipments however unfortunately I'm unable to create it from ship station platform because the reason isn't matched with the default content type of the shipping purpose that you have, So  can you do it for me and add this option in (Default content type)



Status changed to: Investigating

Hello there @Maychen


After checking into this, we can indeed change our default content type for those international shipments! 


If you start at Settings (gear icon in the top right) > Shipping > International Settings > that first drop down listed will be for "Default Content Type". 


Additionally, you can also change this manually on the individual orders, under the "customs declarations" section of the order details view, that don't fit your default as they come thru. 


I hope this helps, and happy shipping! 🙂 

Status changed to: Resolved